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 =  spellchecker
Radu Herinean
[20.May.05 12:28]
this might help:

 =  Radu - enlighten me, please!
Grosu Luiza-Oana
[20.May.05 15:58]
the spellchecker works into the Romanian language. I don't understand how will this help me to correct an english text.
is there a problem with this text? why is it still unchecked?
i saw the level:) thank you!

 =  question
Nancy M. Popa
[01.Jun.05 04:42]
why it's and not its?its ,meaning time's and so on.careful

 =  when you are right...
Grosu Luiza-Oana
[05.Jun.05 01:28]
Nancy, you right!
it is my mistake, and I admit it.

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