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 =  laura
Constantin Delca
[05.Aug.09 23:43]
i like the way in which you compare the birth of a poem with the bingo game and the fact that the words are those who wish to become poems
i wish you many happy bingo nights!

 =  words are..
Corina Gina Papouis
[05.Aug.09 23:47]
pieces of a puzzle competing in their desperate attempt to fit into our master-mind game:):
'of dancing freely
on the silky wings
of a butterfly'
nicely said, beautiful bingo!


 =  yes,
Laura Chereche┬║
[06.Aug.09 16:47]
sometimes words seem to have their own will and, by making use of our mind, they turn into poems.
Thank you Corina and Constantin for stopping by.


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