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 =  the cold embrace of death
Simona Sumanaru
[06.Aug.09 10:38]
(a useless wall, laurentiu :-))

very nice depiction of what a cemetery represents. Thank you.

 =  :)
Constantin Delca
[06.Aug.09 11:02]
it's a common mistake that i've made it before myself and i'm sorry. "An" goes before all words that begin with vowels, of course, with two exceptions: when u makes the same sound as the y in you, or o makes the same sound as w in won, then "a" is used. I'm still learning this beautiful language and i reckon this is going to happen for all my life :)
i don't intend to offend anyone, this short lesson of grammar was only for me :)

thank you, Laurentiu and Simona!

 =  bingo!
Laura Chereche┬║
[06.Aug.09 14:05]
You couldn't have found better words for describing a graveyard's atmosphere in winter time than "solid silence", it tells everything...
I enjoyed your poem (and your grammar lesson):-)

 =  ..a
Corina Gina Papouis
[07.Aug.09 02:04]
gargoyle would like me to pass on this message: from today you may use html in your texts (if you wish to do so):). please read the rules and keep up the good work!

 =  laura
Constantin Delca
[07.Aug.09 18:41]
even if they're gloomy and cold, cemeteries are a good place of meditation for me. here i try to create a gothic atmosphere and there are still elements left aside: the church/chapel, the ravens/crows, the croaks etc.


 =  against poems as to do lists
Simona Sumanaru
[18.Aug.09 15:54]
Hi Constantin, I'd say forget the stiff grammar rules and the "elements" of composition, but go with the flow; that is the touch of originality (well, as long as the text still makes sense in any language). :-) Don't worry, with time your ears will get used to all the "a"s and "an"s and yes, I'm afraid that learning ANYTHING actually is a life-long process :-) Well, in short, I like your work (when it is not dark), keep it up. :-)

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