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Givemore Manyengawana
[25.Nov.09 16:41]
communication has virtually no beggining or an end hence we always experiance "The Anxiety of influence" mostly in the form of a mental strain and in some rare cases ecstacy. The communication process must use all the five senses and the sixth one. My area of interest is the multiple contextualisation which is driven by globalisation. Some late night tv movies i watch comes from "universal pictures" meaning that theres is an aim for gloabal conceptualisation. Nagation,evasion and extravagance is absolutely naturalistic, this i can relate to the first chapter of the bible, the beginning God created the word....thus nature in itself is an absolute extravagance . In short i must say thank you for this insightfull and inspirational Hyperreality ...

 =  Agonia
Veronica Valeanu
[25.Nov.09 18:04]
dear Givemore -
thank you for your appreciation. it was written in a very inspirational moment, urged by the need to prove that reality has layers we still refuse to be unaware of, layers which could be turned into fuel if correctly assimilated. it all resides in the attitude we agree to take - [reality] meaning here psychology/phenomenology of writing.

i am sure you would draw the attention on your vision upon reality (concerning communication)if you considered sharing thoughts, poems, essays - here, on Agonia.
this space has a hyperreal function too, it binds people's minds, balances visions and feedbacks, allowing a global communication applied to writing nowadays that can hardly be achieved in reality - it says goodbye to the lone reader/author.

so please be ready to give more and share with the members of this literary community.

all my best,

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