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Corina Gina Papouis
[28.Oct.09 16:12]
I enjoyed your essay, your protest against the way children (some of them) are raised in Romania. It does reflect a certain degree (which differs due to location and resources) of lack of education. It reflects the levels of stress from the young to the elderly, caught up in a catch 22 vicious circle that would only generate more stress and unhappiness.
The cycle has to break somewhere, however it will very much depend on the financial status of Dept of Health in Romania and as we all know that, is struggling as it is with very limited resources.
To prevent is easier than to cure.
I am lucky I guess to live in a society where this statement stands for something, where jobs in public health (like the one I am in now) does help and support people with health and social concerns in the early stages prior to them falling through the net.
There’s nothing more disappointing in a society than seeing young lives crushed by lack of opportunity, lack of education and lack of health.

Your essay has touched me I would like to reward it with a star, to get the attention of other readers with it and maybe trigger a little brainstorm.

Before that could you please correct ‘An by child’ (and) as well as ‘Cristian’ (Christian).
I also did not quite get the meaning of ‘playing with dirty and the leaves’ – did you mean playing with dirty leaves or playing with dirt and leaves.



 =  Thank you!
Simona Iliasa
[29.Oct.09 18:50]
Thank you for the observations. I wrote in a hurry, mistakes happen when I do that.
I am glad you liked it.
Thanks again!

 =  !
Corina Gina Papouis
[29.Oct.09 21:07]
Could you please change leafs into leaves and i have just noticed 'event families with no income'. I would say the correct form would be either 'the family events of families with no income' or 'the events of families with no income' - your choice. Until then I shall place the text under 'to be revised'.
Thank you!

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