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+ teethless...
Romulus Campan Maramuresanu
[01.Jan.10 21:35]
Hi Corina,

Such an interesting piece of poetry...

"my lifeline is resting right now in my left palm
like a couple of knees
in a favourite worn out pair of jeans"

Absolutely wonderful! Genial! Nobel Prize for poetry please! I have no words besides the joy of my senses!

But how I hate the end... Please send my teeth back with some finances for a quick repair...

Nevertheless, get what you deserve!


 =  Quite preferable-
John Willy Kopperud
[01.Jan.10 22:22]
-to have the New Year knocking on your door rather than the landlord. My favorite
words her:
"allow me to slip into
a predictable moment."
A most elegant twitch, Corina!
And: Happy New Year!

 =  the status quo of life...
Corina Gina Papouis
[02.Jan.10 00:34]
wow, you both know how to make a poetry chick blush...(have you done this before?:))

I am delighted to have touched both your poetic soft spots on the first day of this year...

..i wrote it in 5 minutes, as I was thinking: some moments are just so perfect in their stillness the way they are that nothing/ not even a whole-brand-spanking-new-year with its whole-brand-spanking-new-'wardrobe' in store for us should change them...or at least not for a while...:)

I love my reality touch downs, RCM, it sometimes unbalances/ balances my texts, I use it as distraction (or as a coping mechanism?), even in real life, when my head gets stuck in a cloud: 'Oh, Corina, stop dreaming with that cloth in your hand and get polishing/ or wear it/ or something...'

+ I love humour, is the full side of any glass of life...

thanking you both, you made my day! (and is not any day, is the 1st!!!!:))

lots of love,

 =  I enjoyed it
Dr. Ram Mehta
[02.Jan.10 11:14]
What struck me the most is the rhythm of the poem and the tone. I enjoyed it

+ wonderful
Marius Surleac
[02.Jan.10 12:51]
Corina, this is one of your best poems. The atmosphere within is twisted through satire, soft smart "jokes" if I could say so, a bit of surrealism as well. Detailed description is a forte.

I loved the next passages:

"oh, just leave them there
my lifeline is resting right now in my left palm"

"allow me to slip into
a predictable moment
and sigh"

"I’m glad it’s you
and not the landlord
with the rent"

Happy New Year!


 =  Hi!
Oscar Calixto
[02.Jan.10 15:04]
Thanks for your comment, Corina! Good text this... Congratulations!

PS: I have a bad english... rsrs... Thank you very much!

 =  when it's time to tango...
Corina Gina Papouis
[02.Jan.10 15:02]
..with life you do it in whatever way you feel most comfortable: jeans/ T shirt/ ambitions/ settled arguments/ a grin/ little pleasures/ big more on the table..let us be natural!!!

Dr. RM rhythm is almost everything in my poetry, i like to rock my own 'boat', and catch the reader by surprise/ as for the tone - the filters were 'off' while writing it, so I can be accused of 100% honesty...:)

wow, Marius, your comment was a great compliment...
I found satire is most comfortable in my poetry for the surreal, I am looking into it (or is it looking into me?:))

Gentlemen, thanking you, a pleasure to see you in my undergrounds...

best wishes to all ...and a Happy twenty ten!:)

 =  oscar:)
Corina Gina Papouis
[02.Jan.10 16:51]
just saw your comment which I thank you for...I have bad English, too...sometimes.:)), it happens to us all...

Happy New Year!

 =  fabulous
Lynn West
[13.Jan.10 06:54]
I love this - well done

 =  :)
Corina Gina Papouis
[15.Jan.10 00:20]
...and a fabulous twenty ten to you too!

 =  A trully tragicomical (without the everlasting grobian and/or grotesque) piece o
Silviu Marin
[17.Jan.10 12:37]
Dear Ms. Papouis,

Allow me to make some statements to your piece of Existentialistic poetry... First of all, good to see you (so to speak) in 2010! :) Secondly, 'booze, cigarettes, gossip / unfulfilled expectations' is a well sliced-out piece of the (eternal) Romanian context, as it seems... Still, we're in luck (if you can call it luck), because things get interesting with those 'new obsessions' of ours, as they too are current Romanian realities, unfortunately! And, even more dramatic is the apartment's renter fatigued, yet polite, reply: 'just leave them here'. Furthermore, I'd have to tell you that that specific Romanian apathy of ours... well, you snap-shot it quite well via your 'lifeline' that is 'resting right now in my (i.e., your!) left palm / like a couple of knees / in a favourite worn out (or 'worn-out'?) pair of jeans'. :) Indeed, Romanian fatalism hadn't gone because of our... *system*, if you like, of getting used to the filth and despair! That's what Socialism brought us for 63+ years: it brought us to our knees... in a favorite (because, maybe, it was the only one that our brothers and sisters or cousins - or even our parents! - had) worn-out pair of jeans. :( And, as for the ending, I'd have to say that it is the one of the most valid proofs of our fullness of so-called surprises, due to the fact that we need 'a more predictable moment' to slip into; one that never comes, by the way, excepting the cases of announcing new price increases! :) Anyway, right now, of course, we're living under a more opened, Neo-Liberal form of Socialism. :) So, let's just 'grab the world and take it easy'! :D

P.S. What's that imaginary rent, by the way? :P

 =  :)
Corina Gina Papouis
[18.Jan.10 16:58]
well, first of all thank you for that forensic analysis of the found there symbols I never knew existed..:) secondly, the rent is made to be unfit for any the way imaginary rents go...:D


 =  Forensic analysis?! :-)
Silviu Marin
[18.Jan.10 20:38]
'thank you for that forensic analysis of the found there symbols I never knew existed...' :)


A somewhat cynical response... :-P Okay, good luck with the rent, then! ;)

 =  who says
Corina Gina Papouis
[18.Jan.10 20:43]
forensic is bad? I (and that's me!) liked it..:)
i need luck with the rent...and this is the New Year's job...

 =  I'm a mess, I know...
Silviu Marin
[21.Jan.10 13:09]
No, of course it's not bad, Ms./Mrs. Papouis, but... I noticed your cynicism in your expressed appreciation concerning my 'analysis'. But maybe I was wrong, who knows! :-)
No, seriously: Was I *that* off with that analysis of mine? Symbolisticaly speaking, of course! :-) Because I know that, when it comes to literay technique (especially!) and style (seldom)... I'm a mess! :-P

Thanks, and... keep on walking (the literary path)!

 =  Mr Marin:)
Corina Gina Papouis
[21.Jan.10 14:05]
Shall we call it ‘fine analyses’ as in ‘in depth’/ thorough/ elaborated/ meticulously done if the term ‘Forensic’ seems to harsh for you. To clarify: I have appreciated your comment very much, I am not cynical but sarcasm is ‘sometimes’ my middle name..:)


 =  супер
[10.Feb.10 14:57]
very rich and meaningful poetry
I congratulate you ...

 =  thank you!
Corina Gina Papouis
[10.Feb.10 15:36]
nice to see you again in the underground of my texts...:)

 =  Great
Iulia Tache
[20.Feb.10 11:56]
This must be one of the best poems I read on this website! Congrats!

 =  not sure
Corina Gina Papouis
[20.Feb.10 16:11]
...about being 'the best', glad the efforts to aim for it though were truly appreciated here.:))


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