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 =  magdalena
Corina Gina Papouis
[01.Feb.10 12:28]
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 =  Thank you!
Magdalena Dale
[01.Feb.10 12:53]
Thank you so much:)

Magdalena Dale

 =  A secondary way too see around
Călin Sămărghițan
[02.Feb.10 23:44]
Dreams and loneliness as tiger... and the tiger as a dream. That's the ”other way” I saw this tanka.

+ still motion camera
Marius Surleac
[03.Feb.10 10:06]
A wonderful tanka you wrote here Magdalena. I like how you built the motion in a subtle manner. Also it can be perceived in a nice way the last two lines, how are wrapping up the imagery and construction of the haiku. Both parts connect well one with each other.

Well done!


 =  Answers
Magdalena Dale
[03.Feb.10 15:22]
Thank you for your sign. This year is the tiger’s year and this tanka is written for Eucalypt: a tanka journal, challenge.


Thank you for my first star. You know what? It is amazing that you chose to starry just the tanka poem that was chosen by the one of the famous tanka publisher.

Magdalena Dale

 =  An antithesis
Cãtãrãu Alina - Andreea
[03.Feb.10 23:16]
between light and shadow and the crossroad between dreams and loneliness. If I interpret the "tiger symbol" as you said - the year of the tiger - than I can suppose that this year is a crossroad.



 =  simply wonderful
Marius Surleac
[04.Feb.10 09:55]
Well, I found this tanka closer to what tanka means and I think that the imagery within is extraordinary. Is like a piece from a wild-life documentary, and passion blooms from it.

Best wishes,

 =  add
Marius Surleac
[04.Feb.10 09:59]
from now on you can use html and post texts without editors verification.


 =  Catalina and Marius
Magdalena Dale
[04.Feb.10 19:50]


Yes you are right. Lonely at a crossroads I still try to dream. Thank you for your presence here.


Glad if you like it. I feel relieved, like in my photo-haiku submitted today:) Thank you so much!

 =  Magdalena
Luminita Suse
[22.Aug.10 16:06]
Recently, I got several issues of Gusts and Magnapoets magazines and read your tanka and the review of your book. I was impressed by your work.
Reading this tanka I wonder about the choice of words in the line the crossroads of the ways particularly the usage of 'ways' in conjunction with 'crossroads' i.e. 'intersection of roads'. If the word way is not used with its common meaning of road then what else did you have in mind?

 =  Luminita
Magdalena Dale
[29.Aug.10 20:31]
Please, excuse my delay of answer, but I was in hospital for a week.
Oh, Luminita, but Gusts is only a tanka magazine and that means you like tanka poems? I am so glad if it is so.
You are right, the word way it isn’t here used by its common meaning.
The way is what I try to be myself and sometimes I am at the crossroad like just now because I have some serious health problems. This is the reason I use also way (that was given) and the crossroad in the same sentence. Maybe I was wrong? This poem was published in a tanka challenge by Beverly George in Eucalypt.
Thank you so much for yours kind words.

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