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 =  the beauty is in the pattern, hammer man!
Motoc Lavinia
[22.Mar.11 21:01]
It was love at`first reading for me. For I had been warned, special decoders might be needed for any following ones. And I like to play with decoders, puzzles, algorithms, etc.
The poem could have almost been about any kind of demolition. But it is not. And then you have to read it again.The beauty is in the pattern, indeed.

 =  a cage with an edge
ion a
[24.Mar.11 06:31]
thanks Lavinia, it's probably way off the wall, kind of a reversed myth of the cave with a dna twist, or it looks something like that, until you see the pattern :)

 =  &all
Veronica Valeanu
[25.Mar.11 12:15]
i like everything that is cold and blurry here
and this part is delicious
[you hallucinate buddha & all]

strange but in the end, by the force of that repetition, there reaaly emerges a pattern:)

wish you could write much more often
if only you wanted to, you could start a collection about.

+ chaos vs hope
dan marius
[25.Mar.11 17:52]
the pattern yes yes where is the pattern? give us the pattern!
so the world is not a stage. the world is a cage. with an edge :)
(that was not me trying to emphasize that I understand because I don't. but that's the beauty of it)

and yes I agree with Veronica. start encoding :)

 =  invoke veronica & dan and fire the compiler
ion a
[27.Mar.11 08:52]
i've always had a problem with quantity, my average was never better than 10-15 poems a year. i guess it's getting worse, maybe there is a pattern here :) maybe poetry is just shorthand for the "pattern", that fabled "mirror of the soul" - but no, it's really not :(

i think poetry is shorthand for kind of a hyper-understanding. if ordinary language is a technology for assembling a comprehensive model of the world, then literature is probably a meta-technology of sorts, kind of like what a 3D movie is to a mute film. literature is hacking the language so that it will do things it's not really supposed to do

that's still not the pattern, because the pattern is not language and not even understanding, seing the pattern is simply a way of distancing yourself from your code, becoming aware you're nothing but code, codified information, always by someone/something else, the pattern is never you :)

 =  Fool me
James A Williams
[17.Jan.12 15:19]
I think poetry must come from immediate inspiration in its entirety. Thus the succinctness. The power of this particular work comes in part, from the coolness and indistinctness, which made me read it over and over. I always feel like poets are hiding something, trying to fool me, make me hunt for the meaning. The search for the essence of a poem is a wonder and a pleasure.

As a writer of prose, (novels in particular,) an idea may take me on a journey of tens of thousands of words. It is so refreshing to read poetry such as this.

 =  the math of writing
ion a
[22.Jan.12 08:23]
thanks James, i guess like all art, poetry is written half by the author, half by the reader and half by time passing. ooops, that's too many halves :)

 =  apologies
dan zafir
[21.Jul.12 10:21]
After having read this poem I felt the need to sincerelly apologize... be well, ion!

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