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+ Alice stays...
Romulus Campan
[08.Jan.13 20:48]

After reading your poem I took a deep breath; it was like a fresh breeze from the happiest day of my dreams (well, except maybe for the stroking of men's knees:-))
Oh and no chip robbing seagulls either at my plate!

Some poetry like this one of yours, can literally make me see the jumpy girl pulling all the clouds she wants, and they all obey... Am I going mad, or it's already too late:-))?

Deeply felt complexity behind a child's daydream...

It looks like Alice decided never to leave Wonderland...

Thank you.


 =  welcome to wonderland! :p
Corina Gina Papouis
[14.Jan.13 20:13]
..Romulus, I love Alice and she keeps showing me how deep the rabbit whole is..

It's impossible to resist and to be honest I'm not even trying...:p (why should I?). Every blue ugly caterpillar turns into a magnificent butterfly and every flight is unique!

Thank you for your generous comment, taking my hat off (a special one made by the Mad Hatter :p)



 =  from the raven's writing desk with respect...
Romulus Campan
[14.Jan.13 21:09]
Hi Corina,

I kept watching for any reply on my comment, fearing you're gone all through the rabbit whole, and ended up in some paralel universe better than this one and you don't want to return anymore:-)))
And trust me, not all blue and ugly caterpillars turn into something better... I've checked the mirror -again- today and nothing besides something like a raven or a writing desk, ain't sure...

Now I feel better seeing you're back!

Cheers and all the best!


 =  I am so so sorry....
Corina Gina Papouis
[14.Jan.13 21:20]
I did not mean to make you wait under my text :(..But you see, Alice's birthday has kept her busy these days as she took a bite from a special cake that said 'eat me' and than drank from a special glass that said 'drink me'..and just about now she returned to the shape and form that other people call normal...:p

(..and I don't know where you buy your mirrors from, I would change the shop if I were you..:))

Pleased to be back, business as usual, however, normality does not suit everybody (Amen!)

Thank you for being so patient yet kind with my reply!


 =  mirror, mirror on the wall...
Romulus Campan
[14.Jan.13 22:49]
Amen, amen, amen!

As for the mirrors, that's what you get in Birmingham👻

Hugs replied:-)))


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