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Marius Surleac
[27.Feb.09 10:53]
There's too much repetition within which doesn't support the base of the poem and also you can work a bit to these observations - you can transform them in a more poetic shape.

 =  Gunsel Djemal
[27.Feb.09 21:50]
Thanks Marius

I treasure your comments/advice. When it comes to homeland I'm selfish. Asa a person am not. I've got the clue is to get rid of off the I. What do you suggest?
Thank you

 =  Gunsel Djemal
[27.Feb.09 21:50]
Hi Marius,
How about now? I've done the transformation....

 =  you are Cyprus!:)
Corina Gina Papouis
[24.Mar.09 12:13]
as a Cyprus lover I believe you’ve summarised so well the beauties of this magnificent island...I have only learned to embrace it from the south…my heart’s anchored in Larnaca, somewhere around Zenobia...:)
every time I go there I watch the sun ravishing the sea, time stops and the sky is my daily witness...

 =  gunsel djemal
[29.Mar.09 19:29]
Thanks Corina

My hear also anchores in Larnaka somewhere in Potamia. However, when I'm there I'm everywhere. My wish is that all Cyprus lovers like yourself and all the Cypriots should start embaracing each other so that we can alla smell the jasmine plant peacefully and never go back to the past again.


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