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 =  why upside down?
ion a
[24.Apr.09 01:00]
topic sounds kind of weird. why not:

if you look deep, deep into the soul world,
maybe you'll find a question
for every answer given on earth...

 =  or...
Corina Gina Papouis
[25.Apr.09 20:16]
if you look deep, deep
into the soul of the world,
you have the chance to find
THE question
that triggered all the answers
given on earth...


 =  maybe... someday
Dely Cristian Marian
[17.Apr.10 20:18]
how will we describe the sun if we cannot get near it?
we may, also, say that happiness could be boring.

probably, we won't find answers to the right questions; they will lead to a quest; a quest to an unreachable time.
then, we'd feel tired. we'd have to sleep... more like vampires
for there is so much blood pomping into society's "power-heart".

a pure DNA sample will reveal the need to classify people, and make us all wonder, maybe, how come and what is called pure, nowadays.

are there any particle of mercury into us?

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