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 =  be my fake soul
Andreea DrĂ£guleasa
[17.Nov.03 21:55]
the easter of my dreams
in a parody of hell's garden
I pretend to steal
what I really own

I liked your poem a lot; I'll dream of lilies and black eyes...


 =  an (english) opinion:)
Diana Pascu Chifane
[18.Nov.03 10:32]
It's better to say 'some notes at the end'.

 =  back in black
Andreea DrĂ£guleasa
[18.Nov.03 16:40]
Now that you mentioned that, Diana, I have a suggestion, too: "Some ending notes" :)
It's a pleasure to come back to this poem, for all the yet unknown flowers of one's soul.


 =  Very nice
Iuliana Ungureanu
[18.Nov.03 21:13]
I like the title better as it is. Jesus is told to be gay by whom? Your flowers, the ones that live in a "parody of hell's garden" remind me of Baudelaire's "fleurs du mal". Very good rythm, the first reading left me breathless.

 =  thank you
Michel Martin
[22.Nov.03 16:47]
Thanks for your comments. The title will stay as it is, each of you can understand it in a different way.

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