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 =  personally
Mihaela Maxim
[11.Jun.04 16:53]
I don't like fucking ...words on the paper, I don't ecourage them and most of the time it takes a strong under-feeling with the other words used, to read the following words. Methodically I do it, although, I read all the next words, but something inside me tickle a bell, to stay watching close to things that could hurt my feelings.
Being said all these words, of course they are forgotten, because of the atrocities happened there, where you say and they did happen. I like your poem, in spite of the word used (it adds the popular strengts to tell directly about the real thought), I say next time mabe it'll be better if you stop with 3 points to finish the word...only if you believe too, this is necessary.thank you.

 =  typing...skills
Mihaela Maxim
[11.Jun.04 16:56]
something...'tickles', not 'tickle'

 =  A comment to the comment
Bogdan Matei Alecu
[12.Jun.04 08:22]
Your input is welcome and appreciated - it tells me what I need to work on. Don't worry about typing - I still mix up some of the keys myself ;-) With respect to the famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) F-word, I use it not because I like it so much, but because most of my lyrical work comes out of the study of such contemporary masters as Zack de la Rocha (Rage Against the Machine), Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Bob Dylan, Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) and even Allan Ginsberg and Bertrand Cantat and - in their poetic universe - the F-word is used not so much as a swear word but as an underlining of the feeling expressed in words (despair, anguish, anger and so on). Your objection, however is duly noted. You can certainly write great poetry without curses - the REAL masters (Shakespeare, Browning, Eliot, etc.) have certainly proved that point. I can only hope at least ONE of my poems will be that good :-)

 =  rules
Anca Anghel Novac
[12.Jun.04 08:30]
Bogdan, as per our rules we do not accept "f" words.
Because your poem is really good and because I understood the meaning of using this word I made an exception an approved your poem.
I'm here not to discourage people and I didn't wanted to refuse this text because of that "word".
But there are rules that we all try to follow and really we try not to use "f" words on this website.
I know, you'll say that these kinds of words are used in literature. I agree with you. Don't accuse me of hypocrisy, but we discourage this on We are afraid to fall in the other extremity when everything is allowed.
Please pay attention next time.
Thank you.

 =  No more f-words
Bogdan Matei Alecu
[14.Jun.04 06:25]
Duly noted - no more f-words. It's ok, I don't mind and like I said before I don't think they're all that necessary but sometimes I get carried away... I'll try not to in the future :-)

 =  Adrian
Adrian Brudaru
[22.Jul.04 11:55]
Almost of same strenght as f***(fornication under consent of the king) is 'fornicate' which is much less offensive.

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