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A Tale Of A Prostitute
poetry [ ]

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by [ Mazhar Butt ]

2007-12-11  |     | 

A Tale Of A Prostitute
by mazHur

Pointing towards a whore trembling with fear,
I was provoked to ask her pimp a question:
'' Fancy man, you deal in such delicate effeminate things
yet you are so cruel to them, why?''
The pimp raising his brows remarked:
"" Mr. are you here for business or wasting my time?
You take the bitch and screw her .
That's what you are here for, understood?''
Hmmm,,,,said I and smeared some grease on his palm
to cool the devil down and answer me;
The trick worked and money made the mare go !
''Well, mister, we arn't cruel to women, we love them
because they are the working elements
of our bread-earning industry;
But just as you have to keep your women
within you, we too have to take care of them alike,
but not through the hoax of fidelity but by killing the snakes in them.""
Wow, I murmured in my heart, understanding not what he meant
by 'killing the snakes in his women', and inquired:
''Let me explain, '' continued the fancy man,
Women, yes all women, are an organelle in an organ,
which swallows its prey ,whole and alive.
like a snake;
wonder if you ever saw one eating;
It's mouth is like a lotus in bloom,signifying
a revolving or circular motion, a talismanic vortex,
a force concentrated in a fiery essence;
Call it the argha, the yoni, the thet, the mandorla,
the vesica pisces or the Ka--t of Cynthus;
It devours its impudent, dying prey
until it is eventually swallowed and sucked deep within!
Wow, what amazing constrictor and levator muscles it's endowed with!
Mister, it's a destructive orifice, a grove that sucks in its prey
like the beth shenayim, the vagina dentata,
a devouring , castrating bit of a whore
a de-virilizing element for men, the one-eyed !
Mister, we trade in these organelles
of effeminate serpents to feed them and us.
By your presence here, I can bet
you are not a practicer of oli , occlusion
nor you are a misogynist,am I right, sir??
If I closed my shop where would you then tie your horse
in times of need?

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