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 =  welcome.
Radu Herinean
[20.Oct.05 15:57]
please do insert pictures, now you can do it by using HTML tags. also use "articles" text type for postings such as this.

 =  Thank you.
Sonea Roxana-Crina
[20.Oct.05 18:36]
..for the welcoming and for the acces.
I`ll do my best.

 =  * :-)
Sonea Roxana-Crina
[20.Oct.05 18:37]

 =  .
corina dragomir
[20.Oct.05 18:54]
1st paragraph: "And, boy, did I look at it!" - "And, boy, I did look at it!" - used for emphasis;

 =  Should i empasise that?
Sonea Roxana-Crina
[20.Oct.05 22:54]
Thanks. Done..
And that's the only thing you had to say ofter reading the article. It must me quite bad.

 =  advice taken
Hanna Segal
[01.Dec.05 15:44]
(Tiger)Lily, don't take it to heart, it's only words, my dere:) (of course shlould be "my dear", let us not tempt the spelling police to kick my... behind)

other thant that, the article was written by an industrious hand and is resonably well documented... better stuff could of course be found on professional websites, but there is nothing wrong with sharing pictures and experiences. so, long live the spirit! t'is the season

 =  advice taken :)
Sonea Roxana Crina
[03.Dec.05 23:19]
You're right, my dere, no taking words to the heart. :)

It's just a general view, this is what the regular tourist sees. I was practically running through Croatia, I could write another 39789 pages but why would i want to torture you? :) I wouldn't want you to take so many words to the heart. :)) Glad to see you anytime. :)

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