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 =  "every time
Mihaela Maxim
[30.Sep.04 13:30]
we say good-bye I die a little" (Ella Fitzgerald)
I like it, very much, your jazz poem, it brings me songs that I can't forget.
it's a poetry from the inside of the soul
thank you!

 =  Connecting people
Peter Szabo
[13.Oct.04 11:46]
Being very new here, and a megalomaniac, i thought I'd have the best poems here, but...
'...My noises
My favorite noise is your fingers in my hair.'That's one of the most beautiful lines I've ever read in a poem. My favourite writer says that the only real connection between people is made by music.(please, forgive us, Nokia) How true...

 =  Miha, wrapping you with jazz
Ioana Barac Grigore
[24.Oct.04 06:03]
Miha, Indeed, a jazz poem, a music poem, a soul poem, a gift to dear readers like you...

Thank you kind words,,

 =  noises for Peter
Ioana Barac Grigore
[24.Oct.04 06:12]
My favourite music conductor Sergiu Celibidache said that "music is zen" (or was it the other way around?)

Thank you,

 =  Banned :)))
Diana Pacuraru
[03.Feb.05 23:58]
With the risk that I am going to be banned for this comment, I'm going to tell you that this poem is really cool and that I enjoyed it and congrats for admiring and understanding music. :)

 =  Great Jazz
Great poem and an outstanding way to conclude it.

 =  Edilberto Gonz├ílez Trejos
ioana barac grigore
[20.Feb.06 18:14]
thank you!

means a lot for me...

 =  great!
Marius Surleac
[18.Feb.08 13:03]
Soft as jazz. My only opinion!

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