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My poem will be you
poetry [ ]
by Bernard Fournier

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by [mihamax ]

2004-04-29  |   

Literary Translation - Translations of classic and original poetry and other materialsThis text is a follow-up  | 

My poem will be you
Write to me as you wish
Set free your words and desires
Let it fall your shyness
As your dress at the foot of the bed
Gentle my soul Caress my body
Show me who I am
Because I'm not alone, anymore
When I read you
When you write on my leaps
The sweetest words of the night.
If I'd dare to write to you
Maybe you'll find just little
Crazy things there, on the paper
Let me take this night
The rose growing at your chest
His petals will be the rhymes
Of the poem that you wanted to write for me
And I will sing it.

Let my eye-lashes caress gentle your face
Uncovering the secret of your eyes.
Let me give you the kindness you expect tonight
Give me your night, I shall not let you waiting
And I'll make you the best night you've ever have had
I'll kiss sweetly your eyes
And I'll take any of your tears to make living my soul

Let my lips hold on yours
Breathing the taste of your words,
Whispering the tone of your voice.

Let me reveal in the dark of the night
The sweetness of your skin
Teach me your body till
I'll deserve you and love you as you wish
Till' the end of the earth of your dreams.

You'll met me in the land of your wishes
Where the sky of love becomes the sheet for our poem
There where your mouth will meet mine to sing together the same love.

Let me take you and bring you near the fire that waits just for you in my mind...
...When the silence will sound loud in our home
Will my hands search you and kiss you in the light
And I'll make you a memory that you'll never forget
And you'll make me one star to shine in my dreams
So I couldn't be lonely, and never again loose you
So we find one another
All the times in our future lives
When you'll hide from my way
When I won't know to stay

There will be days when I'll hold you to tell you
That this is not a dream anymore
Because you're the women I love...
The one that gives me the fever
Even then when it's freezing out there

My hands will sing on your skin
New words of tenderness and joy
And we'll make a new beginning just for us.

My leaps will learn again to speak on your leaps
A language that speaks only the truth of the love
In your dreams of your echoes I'll find you and teach you my world.

I will make love to you and you'll know that we spoke the same language with the words of the poem that my heart cried for you.

And I'll be the poet, and you - my dear poem...

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