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Poezii Romnesti - Romanian Poetry



Emilia Dina[Emilly]


Oraş de reşedinţă: Slatina
Are limba maternă Are limba maternă

Biografie Emilia Dina

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Pagina: 1

putin probabil dar nu imposibil...

nici eu nu stiu...

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Biografie Emilia Dina

Emilia Dina, was born in 1977 in Slatina, a small town, capital, Olt country, southern Romania. The town of Slatina is mentioned for the first time in an official document issued by Vladislav I Vlaicu on January 20th, 1386. The name's origin is Slavic "Slam-tina", which means "salted land" or "salty water", although a small minority promote a politicized misconception that the term originates in the Latin "Salatina". In this city is located one of the biggest factories producing Aluminum in southeastern Europe ("ALRO").
She was the second child of the family and the most mature one, taking care of the youngest and in the same time being very preoccupied of her studies. In 1995 she received her bachelor degree and left to Capital Bucharest following her dream: to become teacher. After she entered to University Of Foreign Languages, she started to look for job because her family had some financial difficulties and the other sister became also student in the same time. So she started to work as acting teacher and lived for one more year in her town. Then, because was very difficult to study in a city and work different one, she left to Bucharest and start her life there; from this moment her dream was let it behind. Emilia was very shy as a person, always was like a shadow of her sister, but the wild life from the capital changed her and transformed her in a very strong person. For five years she was studying and working in the same time getting a very good experience in management and helping herself by paying the courses of University.
In 2002 she graduated The Foreign Languages University Bucharest and traveled for the first time outside Romania staring with Egypt, working as translator and administrator in the floor and wall tiles factories field and than Spain. In 2003 she had her own company which had a considerable number of connections in the business world, and for tree years she survived so. Her job gave her the opportunity to travel more and more, so that she went to Egypt many times, Spain, Italy and Turkey. Emilia was very appreciating in the world business, every place she went, the people liked her and she gains many friends. But, being tired of all she decided to change her life so that she became more open, more enthusiastic:
“I consider myself as a self-motivated person, able to do many changes in my life as well as in my environment. I'm a very enthusiastic nature and my life philosophy is" Each problem has for sure a solution and I have to find it.”

Using as pseudonym the name Karima, she was writing poems especially in Spanish and English and very few in her native language. Almost all her poems are sad and inspired from her life, from what she lived. We can remind here “Dejame amar” (Let me love again), “Un sueno” (A dream), “Te amare siempre” (Always I will love you), “ Iubirea mea pierduta” (My lost love), “Nefericire” (Unhappiness), “Marturisire”(Testify), “When I was your love”, “In night”….

She never published her poems but she still has time to do it.

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