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Poezii Rom�nesti - Romanian Poetry



Ada Ionescu[Adaionescu]


City of Residence: Hunedoara
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unseen labyrinth of nostalgia Text recommended by :
Poetry 2016-12-20 (8341 hits)

Always :
Personals 2016-12-12 (4307 hits)

Brokenness :
Poetry 2016-11-18 (3386 hits)

I just wanted immortality :
Poetry 2016-10-18 (3339 hits)

will you kiss the lips of my soul :
Poetry 2016-09-23 (3435 hits)

only what we briefly said it's true Text recommended by :
Poetry 2016-07-02 (6943 hits)

Loneliness. The Force of Inspiration Text recommended by : Notes on a poem by Emily Dickinson
Essay 2011-01-14 (9207 hits)

Like a Buddha, without a smile : to I.D.
Personals 2010-10-19 (3763 hits)

*** :
Poetry 2010-10-15 (3809 hits)

Grass blades Text recommended by :
Poetry 2010-09-25 (6729 hits)

No man's hand :
Poetry 2010-09-01 (3935 hits)

Postponed :
Poetry 2010-04-28 (3994 hits)

Matchless Text recommended by : To Dan Marius and Simona
Poetry 2009-05-07 (6153 hits)

Diary. April 29 :
Poetry 2009-04-29 (4208 hits)

After dark :
Poetry 2009-03-30 (3889 hits)

Ars poetica :
Poetry 2009-02-28 (4259 hits)

Disclosure :
Poetry 2009-02-27 (4092 hits)

Malchiusa :
Poetry 2008-12-04 (4326 hits)

The guilty plea :
Poetry 2008-12-04 (4459 hits)

Twilight :
Poetry 2008-12-02 (4702 hits)

November farewell :
Poetry 2008-11-29 (4052 hits)

Life fever :
Poetry 2008-11-27 (4340 hits)

Faithless :
Poetry 2008-11-25 (5758 hits)

Famine :
Poetry 2008-11-10 (4363 hits)

I sing the unfamed :
Poetry 2008-11-03 (3853 hits)

Check point :
Poetry 2008-10-30 (4273 hits)

Death quatrain :
Poetry 2008-10-27 (5508 hits)

Straying :
Poetry 2008-10-25 (5013 hits)

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Sometimes you have to be silent to be heard.

Only the young are allowed to suffer/ openly



the gzillion-thread-count Egyptian Cotton white sheets


Lady Moon follows me...

Thank you, Sydney

Luminiţa, I am grateful!

a mist of stretched clichés


Thanks for the star, Ion. My cloudy sky gets brighter.

black boxes, for instance/ Oh, like my soul

I'm in a kind-of-limerick fantasy and having fun!

when the wound is healed

all they do is think I’m (...) On the safe side of darkness

what could be holy in me/ I'm empty as an empire after invasion

Double sorry, Laurentiu!

Thank you, Laurentiu!

I’ve been looking for this word...

Thank you, Sim, Marius and Dan!

A very small gift to you, Sim.

Thank you, Corina.

please live up to the things you kill...

Something to say

Error. I apologize!

God is alone

... i am afraid!



: )

Unanswered question.

... the drained breath of roses

Thank you, Horia!

any tremor could kill the verse

... to sedate my sadness

...words i haven’t said to you

Strong comparison effect.


O eroare! Imi pare rau.

Beholden to you, Willy!

... and again...

Dan, I'm grateful.

... until you’ll pass the ribs you’ll lose half of your soul

Felix, thank you! Devoid of pretense...

... my pocket of emptiness

Marius, I thought about your suggestions...

Thank you, Willy! Thank you, Marius!

Thank you, Willy! Thank you, Marius!


I thought I knew the rules...

Onset of darkness.

... rusty iron pieces, and bones

... found only forgeries... it’s a wonder I’m not gone mad...

Thank you, Willy!

Snow drowning inside the mouth

I could...

Breathtaking, wonderful poem

Beauty and simplicity

I ask for oblivion

Those noisy steps on the wall

twelve cruel tongues

I... Have seen Medusa

God is the only audience

nor feelings but inner proofs…

Quite a joy...

Tears are just turbulent rivers that cross the entire shape of your soul

Death of a star

The sweet taste of life


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Biography Ada Ionescu

I am a news editor at a local radio in my hometown.

"Pe unde trec las umbra
înfiptă ca o sperietoare
în gradina iubirii.
Vreau să mă întorc mai târziu
și să zic: Umbră, fă-te copil!"

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